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Children (Early Childhood Intervention) & Adolescents

We really love working with people of all ages and pride ourselves on the experience and the results we’ve obtained working alongside young children and their families as well as adolescents.

We know that it’s vitally important for a health care provider to have the ability to successfully engage and earn the trust of a young person in order to gain results. That’s why our psychologists and speech therapist have the experience and the personable qualities that make our work what it is.

Our services may include the administration of psychological tests to assist in assessing, formulating and providing interventions for young people that may include cognitive and neuropsychological (i.e.intelligence and other cognitive domains), educational (i.e. achievement), behavioural and emotional testing.

We also provide school-based consultations and home visits, and pride ourselves on our experience and ability to engage and work with children and young people from all walks of life.

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