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Positive Behaviour Support

Restrictive Practices within a Positive Behaviour Framework

Restrictive practices training covers the practices that are prohibited and those which are restrictive when supporting people with a disability. Restrictive practices training is best used in conjunction with Positive Behaviour Support.

The framework surrounding positive behaviour support includes an understanding of a person-centred approach to supporting people to make choices, build skills and live a full and inclusive life.

Key Learning objectives:

  1. Overview of Human Rights and the framework of Disability Support.
  2. Positive Behaviour support and what that looks like. Case studies used to illustrate.
  3. Duty of Care versus Dignity of Risk. Identifying what the boundaries of the role of support works are, when it comes to the choices of customers.
  4. Awareness of what is a prohibited and restrictive practice.
  5. Awareness of the consequences of using a prohibited and restrictive practice.
  6. Awareness of the process of getting a restrictive practice approved for use.

Duration: 1 day (or can be delivered as 2 x 3 hrs)

We are Sydney-based and are willing to quote for training throughout NSW.

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