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Disability Awareness Training


We work with businesses, community groups, schools or disability sector services to broaden their understanding around working with individuals with a disability. Our focus is to broaden your skill in communicating with someone who has an intellectual disability and/or autism in an interactive way, using case studies and role plays.

Our collaborative approach enables us to tailor any workshops to your specific organisational needs. We provide discipline-specific training as our team are clinicians first, and experienced presenters second.

Disability Awareness Training.

2-3 hour duration tailored to needs of your business

Disability Awareness Training is a general overview of the wide range of conditions covered by the word “disability”, its causes and the barriers people can face in accessing their community. Some strategies and ideas around respect and equality are touched upon and details of where to go for further information.

Key Learning objectives:

  1. Basic awareness of the wide range of disabilities that can affect people.
  2. Identify barriers to community inclusion and what might be done to reduce those barriers.
  3. Managing customer service and interactions when dealing with people who have a disability.
  4. Overview of respect and equality and treating all people equally.

We are Sydney based and are willing to quote for training throughout NSW.

For more information or to discuss how any of the specialised training might make a difference to your workplace, contact the Enhance Health Services Team on 1300 373 747 or email at info@ehs.org.au

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